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For months on end, this was the safest place to excavate so much of my life after cancer – the struggles, the triumphs. The strange ambiguity of living after almost dying.  But there are so many enormous things happening now … Continue reading

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chocolate shakes and ’80’s pop

A wise person once said, “You don’t have to write a thousand words every time you sit down to do a post.”  The same wise person has also said, “One of your great gifts as a writer is how direct … Continue reading

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the essence of injustice

Other women with ovarian cancer are dying.  Lots of them.  Young women, women my age.  I don’t understand why they are dying and I am not.  I feel a little guilty.  No, a lot guilty.  I am so fucking alive, … Continue reading

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the wanting comes in waves

In a post a few weeks back, I was thinking about the injustice of a world in which people who are unable or unwilling to raise children continue to produce babies at an often-alarming rate, while people like me get totally fucked out … Continue reading

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there’s something wrong with this picture

Panic – mild and fleeting, but noticeable nonetheless – paid me an unexpected visit early this afternoon. This seemingly unshakable feeling of optimism and positivity has cloaked me for months now.  I have felt invincible, buoyant.  It’s been amazing. But … Continue reading

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