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the other shoe

We survivors possess many unique skills.  Chief among them may be our ability to consciously deny our persistent, nagging fear of The Other Shoe Dropping.  It’s essential, if we want to keep on living in any meaningful, joyful way. Most … Continue reading

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the wonder of the now (or, Cheesesteak 1, Shelob 0)

As I was walking to court this afternoon, for what promised (and proved) to be a very uneventful hearing, I felt a strange sensation creeping over me.  It was a faint sensation, not overpowering, but it was vaguely and disturbingly reminiscent of … Continue reading

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there’s something wrong with this picture

Panic – mild and fleeting, but noticeable nonetheless – paid me an unexpected visit early this afternoon. This seemingly unshakable feeling of optimism and positivity has cloaked me for months now.  I have felt invincible, buoyant.  It’s been amazing. But … Continue reading

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