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the music will get you through

There are those rare moments that shake us out from under the spell of our routine, the seeming mundanity of every day existence.  The sameness, the confusion, the seeming lack of clarity about what, exactly, we are doing, or what … Continue reading

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psychic whiplash (or, “what is life?”)

A few weeks ago, I learned that one of my friends is pregnant with her second child.  This friend went through years of heartache before having her first child, and the road to her second pregnancy hasn’t been without its … Continue reading

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cancer: then, now, always

Last month, an acquaintance from high school emailed me to report that she’d just been diagnosed with cancer.  I was momentarily floored, but unfortunately, the reality of young adult cancer is so much a part of my life that the … Continue reading

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reclaiming complexity

Many months ago, around the time of my son’s first birthday, I was prompted by a friend to reflect on my decision to leave my job as a child advocate attorney to become a stay-at-home mother.  I shared my thoughts … Continue reading

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a different kind of marathon

Today marks my first day of rest since officially embarking on training for the Philadelphia Marathon in November.  I ran five of the last six days, in soul-crushing heat and humidity.  Mercifully, I had a great running companion at my … Continue reading

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The rain won’t stop.  The spring and early summer have been a seemingly endless stretch of rain-soaked days.  The world has turned relentlessly green.  I’ve heard weather-related griping about commuting into the city on rainy morning after rainy morning; wet … Continue reading

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In preparation for an upcoming panel discussion about young adult cancer and social media, I’ve been thinking back on the motivating purpose behind my years’ worth of writing about cancer and its aftermath.  This reflective process began slowly a few … Continue reading

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mid-life young adult cancer crisis

Has my license to write about cancer expired?  I’ve been thinking about the countless numbers of young adults who have been diagnosed with cancer since I entered this universe over five years ago.  I’ve mused on the lives lost, the … Continue reading

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moments of surrender

As it turns out, there is much more to fear in life than the onset of a life-threatening illness.  Fear of weakness, of facing limitations, of inadequacy, of conflict, of vulnerability – over the last five years, these manifestations of … Continue reading

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In an ironic twist, the morning that Hurricane Sandy began pounding the East Coast, I was scheduled for my regular oncology check-up, my first exam and round of blood work since my recurrence scare over the summer.  Only three months … Continue reading

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