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inhale; exhale

“They say the darkest hour is right before the dawn.” – Bob Dylan Mornings, moments, scrambling toward something, have marked the recent days. Waiting for a switch to flip, for clarity to emerge, literally, from darkness. But it wasn’t until … Continue reading

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until the end of the world

From the universal and far-reaching, to the personal, the claustrophobic; such was the journey of the past seven days. One week ago, I sat down to release thoughts that I didn’t even know had been gathering; I shared them with … Continue reading

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We are hurtling toward the Christmas holiday; Hanukkah began last night. But the sun is warming us in what feels like another extended summer. As my son grows, will he ever know the joy of a snowy winter morning? Humans … Continue reading

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we are real: for radnor high school, class of 1990

Earlier this morning, I laced up and hit the trail after dropping my son off at school. It was a gorgeous fall morning, my favorite for running. My sleep last night was fitful, as faces and voices from Saturday night’s … Continue reading

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finish line

With cancer, unlike a half marathon, there is no finish line.  There is freedom from active disease, but never from the threat that it may one day return.  So the tests and checkups stand as markers on a road that … Continue reading

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the music will get you through

There are those rare moments that shake us out from under the spell of our routine, the seeming mundanity of every day existence.  The sameness, the confusion, the seeming lack of clarity about what, exactly, we are doing, or what … Continue reading

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psychic whiplash (or, “what is life?”)

A few weeks ago, I learned that one of my friends is pregnant with her second child.  This friend went through years of heartache before having her first child, and the road to her second pregnancy hasn’t been without its … Continue reading

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a different kind of marathon

Today marks my first day of rest since officially embarking on training for the Philadelphia Marathon in November.  I ran five of the last six days, in soul-crushing heat and humidity.  Mercifully, I had a great running companion at my … Continue reading

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holding it all

Life can be extreme.  Our fears can consume us; joy can make us feel like our hearts will burst.  Holding it all, simultaneously, as I was made to do recently, can seem nothing short of defying emotional gravity. There are … Continue reading

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four years: a parade of awe

Something is changing.  Perhaps it is simply that the passage of time breeds perspective.  But something must be owed to hard work and hopefulness, and the steadfastness of friends and family.  This past Tuesday marked four years since the beginning … Continue reading

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