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ghost child

This evening as I was leaving work, one of my colleagues, who was my office-mate when my nephew was born six years ago, asked me how he was doing.  Actually, her exact words were, “How’s my man doing?,” and I … Continue reading

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turn, and face the strange

NOTE:  This post will also be showing up soon at Everything Changes. Somewhere in Cyber-space, a fellow inductee into the world of early menopause said, “Menopause does not mean you suddenly develop an irresistible impulse to start shopping at Chico’s.” … Continue reading

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the dark side of the moon

NOTE:  Hopefully sometime within the next week, this post will appear over at Everything Changes.  Thank you, Kairol, my heroine, for giving me the courage to do this for an audience beyond Planet Cancer. I am not mystically inclined. I … Continue reading

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i do get a little bit nervous

I just coughed up my first menopause blog for Kairol.  I emailed it to her and am waiting to hear her reaction.  She’s written a book for god’s sake.  Will my piddly little 400 word post be worthy of her? … Continue reading

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