i do get a little bit nervous


I just coughed up my first menopause blog for Kairol.  I emailed it to her and am waiting to hear her reaction.  She’s written a book for god’s sake.  Will my piddly little 400 word post be worthy of her?

I feel like one of those tittering young women waiting to find out if she’ll be crowned Miss America.  Or something.  Will Kairol like it?  Does it suck?  Does it make any sense?  I want to be funny and serious all at the same time.  This is not easy to do.  It’s also really weird to think about discussing my vaginal discharge with an unknown reading public.

See Emily Play will hopefully evolve into more than just a cancer blog.  Life is finally back to being about much more than just cancer.  (Kind of reminds me of a local restaurant, More Than Just Ice Cream.  Does this blog need to be re-named?)  But the truth is, it’s a rich fucking subject, and I have plenty to say.

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