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three years on: haunted, miraculous

When I last wrote, I’d just gotten a hard slap from cancer at the precise moment it seemed I was at long last beginning to put some distance between my life as defined by cancer and the life that I … Continue reading

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a cyborg no more (or, so long, chest port)

This morning, I reported to the Pereleman Center at HUP to finally – almost two years after finishing chemotherapy – have my chest port removed.  This small metal disc with the rubbery center and skinny little tube has been nestled … Continue reading

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sliced and diced

Every so often, usually when I am falling asleep, waking up, or lying on the table getting acupuncture, half-conscious, I am gripped by a feeling of pure, unadulterated incredulity about the fact of my cancer.  More specifically, I think about … Continue reading

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