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a survivor’s note on the unthinkable

Twelve years ago, the morning after the 2004 election, I sat at my desk at my old job, crying as I sent a long-winded email to all of my like-minded friends and family, telling them to keep heart after John … Continue reading

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January: a benign but vaguely retched stew of prolonged family viruses, cabin fever, rescheduled birthday parties and post-holiday malaise. It is no wonder, then, that I decided to sit down for a job interview. You know, just to see what … Continue reading

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hard work

This long, punishing winter has driven many of those around me to something close to madness.  People are starved for warmth and light and fresh air and green things growing all around them.  This cold and snow and ice, this … Continue reading

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a different kind of marathon

Today marks my first day of rest since officially embarking on training for the Philadelphia Marathon in November.  I ran five of the last six days, in soul-crushing heat and humidity.  Mercifully, I had a great running companion at my … Continue reading

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everything that rises must converge

This phrase, from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, via Flannery O’Connor, came into my head this afternoon as I strolled through my new neighborhood and thought, as I inevitably do, about First Descents.  The words struck me hard, with precision, though … Continue reading

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turn on the quiet (or, not so fast, mr. vacuum)

Sunday, 11:30 AM: It’s an extremely cool thing to be married to someone who, at critical moments, knows me better than I know myself. I have this thing since cancer:  I really like being busy.  Running around.  Doing stuff. Multi-tasking. … Continue reading

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