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inhale; exhale

“They say the darkest hour is right before the dawn.” – Bob Dylan Mornings, moments, scrambling toward something, have marked the recent days. Waiting for a switch to flip, for clarity to emerge, literally, from darkness. But it wasn’t until … Continue reading

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the only safe place in the world

There will come a time when my son isn’t waking up each night, stumbling towards mommy or daddy, and whimpering that we climb in bed with him to get him back to sleep. Invariably, one of us ends up spending … Continue reading

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until the end of the world

From the universal and far-reaching, to the personal, the claustrophobic; such was the journey of the past seven days. One week ago, I sat down to release thoughts that I didn’t even know had been gathering; I shared them with … Continue reading

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We are hurtling toward the Christmas holiday; Hanukkah began last night. But the sun is warming us in what feels like another extended summer. As my son grows, will he ever know the joy of a snowy winter morning? Humans … Continue reading

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