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from revolution to evolution: belated thanks to the boys

Four years ago, I wrote with some fairly measured seriousness about the transcendent experience of finally seeing U2, my favorite band of 30 years, up close. At that moment, I was still living in the relatively immediate shadow of my … Continue reading

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the music will get you through

There are those rare moments that shake us out from under the spell of our routine, the seeming mundanity of every day existence.  The sameness, the confusion, the seeming lack of clarity about what, exactly, we are doing, or what … Continue reading

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early thanksgiving

My original thought last evening, after rocking out insanely for 13.1 miles, was to simply offer a post of thanks for all of the incredible artists – some of whom I’ve loved for my whole life, some of whom are … Continue reading

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believed, seen: a dream comes true

When a dream comes true after cancer, it carries a certain extra heft.  It need not be a dream of life-altering magnitude, like having a child.  It can be something much smaller, even seemingly trivial, like getting up close with … Continue reading

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levon helm + cancer: an all-ages show

It’s safe to say that an aging rock musician, whose arguable heyday was thirty-five years ago, doesn’t have much interest in being a cancer crusader.  Old people are “supposed” to get cancer, especially after a lifetime of hard living and … Continue reading

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twice if you’re lucky

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, off I go to the Perleman Center for Advanced Medicine to start my day with a pelvic exam and a CA125.  Ah, the joys of life as a stage III ovarian cancer survivor.  It’s four … Continue reading

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up off my knees

This morning on my run, less than ten minutes in, one of my favorite U2 songs, “PLEASE,”  came up on the shuffle.  As I strode along the now-familiar north side of Cooper River, these lyrics struck me:  “So you never … Continue reading

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shine on

When my husband and I moved into the house we have been renting for the last three and a half years, our heads promptly filled with visions of the happy life we would live here, even the family we would … Continue reading

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