Discord on Discord, fork and encryption – ionomics Community Podcast, ep13

Giving a nod to the Discord dust-up, plus more thoughts on upcoming fork, and then a warning about encryption. Click here to join Discord. Some alt-coins are getting nice reviews. Is AG Barr trying yo make encryption about to become illegal?

Getting ready for Dash rebase – ionomics Community Podcast, ep11

Lots of exciting stuff is coming in 2020 and starts with the rebase of the ION blockchain using a hybrid version of the Dash code base. Picking up from this week’s “ionosphere” newsletter, the discussion goes a little more in depth. If you like the podcast, please rate and review. You can tweet me @MDP_ESQ […]

Talkin’ Tokens: The ionomics Community Podcast, ep07

2:20 – recapping discussion from ep06 with Rhyan Garrison 3:55 – introducing (sort of) ATP (Atomic Token Protocol) 8:42 – ATP token features – what makes them better? 13:40 – use cases for ATP tokens 27:08 – Ethereum blues 31:02 – token contest? tease