Discord on Discord, fork and encryption – ionomics Community Podcast, ep13

Giving a nod to the Discord dust-up, plus more thoughts on upcoming fork, and then a warning about encryption. Click here to join Discord. Some alt-coins are getting nice reviews. Is AG Barr trying yo make encryption about to become illegal?

Getting ready for Dash rebase – ionomics Community Podcast, ep11

Lots of exciting stuff is coming in 2020 and starts with the rebase of the ION blockchain using a hybrid version of the Dash code base. Picking up from this week’s “ionosphere” newsletter, the discussion goes a little more in depth. If you like the podcast, please rate and review. You can tweet me @MDP_ESQ […]

Game economies, set free! – ionomics Community Podcast, ep10

GameGrid is almost here, so we talk about in-game economies. Also, discovering Nick Szabo. Szabo’s ‘Unenumerated’ blog: unenumerated.blogspot.com GameGrid: gamegrid.network All music from The Sounds 2009 release ‘Crossing the Rubicon’music.apple.com/us/album/crossing…version/317228704

Back from the dead! – ionomics Community Podcast, ep09

Thanks to everyone still listening! Lots of news to report – Fork, Tokens, XDM, ATOM, POTX! Join ionomy Discord: t.co/nnodVZaTiH?amp=1 IIP6 / POTX: youtu.be/mLMgyK9RZH8 All music: Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson from the record ‘Ain’t That a Bitch’music.apple.com/us/album/aint-tha…version/504598431

Token Testing and PIVOT(!) tease – ionomics Community Podcast, ep08

ALL CHANGE! ionomy “pivot” is coming! Make ATP tokens in the testnet sandbox: news.ionomy.com/test-drive-ion-at…l-public-testnet/ Watch Meltem Demirors talk shitcoins with Congress: youtu.be/uxhS8Bdddak Ms. Demirors later that day at CNBC: youtu.be/2WOVukI3f-g “What Grinds My Gears” podcast: podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/what…rs/id1450518746 Kara Swisher on privacy: youtu.be/oIPGzKoZsCoMs. Swisher’s Pods: Recode Decode – podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/reco…de/id1011668648Pivot (HEY!) – podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/pivot/id1073226719

Talkin’ Tokens: The ionomics Community Podcast, ep07

2:20 – recapping discussion from ep06 with Rhyan Garrison 3:55 – introducing (sort of) ATP (Atomic Token Protocol) 8:42 – ATP token features – what makes them better? 13:40 – use cases for ATP tokens 27:08 – Ethereum blues 31:02 – token contest? tease

The ionomics community podcast, ep 06

1:35 – discussion with Rhyan Garrison (https://www.linkedin.com/in/rhyan-garrison-73630915/) 9:50 – tokens in 2d layer vs tokens on core blockchain 20:30 – a better deal for developers selling in-game assets via tokens 23:15 – Andrew Stone’s role in ionomy token development code 24:00 – token use cases (beyond games): fundraising 32:12 – coins vs tokens 35:07 – […]