Trilok Gurtu – 21 Spices

Trilok Gurtu 21 Spices

There are a few artists for whom I have such great affection that I will purchase the music as soon as I learn of it, no matter what they have to offer on this latest release.  Drummer, percussionist extraordinaire Trilok Gurtu is one such artist.  Ever since having seen his magic act at the Charles Hotel in Boston, as part of his coming out party with the John McLaughlin Trio, I have been fascinated with, and ever-more delighted by Trilok.

With the passing of Zawinul 2007, I believe that Trilok is the greatest living link to limitless Jazz – music that collapses genres and spans the entire globe, while retaining its own, unique identity.  No one did that better than Zawinul, but Trilok continues to push the envelope.

This latest release, featuring a well-known rock drummer and the Germany’s hottest big band is a delight right out of the box.  I can’t wait to listen to it over and over, as I know am assured of discovering layer upon layer of genius.