Got lucky! Saw Crowded House in Atlantic City

Atlantic City is quite close to my home, but my only business there is at the Courthouse.  I have no interest in gambling, and there are few rock and roll shows there that I absolutely must see.  But, one of the great benefits of life with my beautiful wife has been the way in which she has educated about music, music I would never have learned about on my own.

Neil Finn and Crowded House very much fit into this category.  Ironically, before I ever met Emily, I knew that Crowded House was something to learn more about, as it had been praised by no less than Tony Banks as one of his favorite bands in the 90’s.  It’s not hard to understand why.  Crowded House and its diminutive frontman are proof that you can have catchy, “pop” music that is intelligent, features heartfelt lyrics, and is underscored by superb musicianship.  Emily and I have been to numerous of these concerts (Neil Finn solo and Crowded House), and it’s a musical product which does not cease to delight.  So, last Saturday we met Em’s sister in the cesspool by the sea, and enjoyed a wonderful show.  Here are the pictures, and for you hard-core types (I know you’re out there) the setlist.

Mean to Me
Saturday Sun
Private Universe
Fall At Your Feet
Don’t Stop Now
Nails in My Feet
Not the Girl You Think You Are
Whispers & Moans
Twice if You’re Lucky
Now We’re Getting Somewhere
Don’t Dream Its Over
She Called Up
Archer’s Arrow
World Where You Live
She Goes On
Weather With You
Its Only Natural
You Are the One
Time Immemorial
Falling Dove
Better Be Home Soon

If you’re keeping track, that’s about two and a half hours of music.

I Feel Like A Backstop

I feel like stuff keeps getting thrown at me. It’s mostly bouncing off, but it’s still a pretty grueling situation. We’ve gone most of the way, and its starting to get pretty exhausting. There’s the cumulative effect of Em’s chemo, piling up all around like foul balls stacked up to my knees.

I just hit the wall today. It was not fun. There have been signs along the way. I snapped my key in the lock a few days ago. I’ve just been feeling different, and not better. We’re in the trough right now and it’s damned hard getting out. But Em just talked about the feeling she gets riding her bike – the pedals going up and down, the chain driving the wheel, going faster and faster. That’s a pretty powerful feeling. It’s like the name for her magical sword that protects her and causes her to vanquish her enemy, except it’s not a name, it’s that feeling.

Then we shared hot dogs on New England-style buns while listening to a Crowded House bootleg from 1987. That’s been a whole lot better than feeling trapped under our misery.

We’re almost done.