And here’s that Resonator Chrome G with the Holy Stain

Here’s the new Dean Resonator Chrome G, tuned to open G and played through the Electro Harmonix Holy Stain with some overdrive and some tremolo. The amp is my old Lab Series solid state L5 on a pretty clean setting. The pickups are almost 50/50 magnet/piezo with a slight bias toward the magnet to reduce high end noise and unwanted distortion. A lot of the guitar’s characteristics are lost when playing “plugged-in”, but the Holy Stain adds its own ambiance and the result, I think, is quite pleasing.

Beardfish makes me happy

Best. Band. Ever. These guys are in their mid 20’s and they play this insane pop-zappa-prog-blues-rock. AND they’re from Sweden, but the lyrics are (almost entirely) in english and they’re actually quite good. I’m shocked that I’ve found a band that’s so great and so young. And when I say ‘I found’, what I really mean is Dr. Starr found and told me to listen to. The new record is Sleeping In Traffic, Pt. 2. GO BUY IT NOW!!! This video is from 2006 and will give you some idea of the pure joy that is Beardfish!



We can slag this guy all we want. We can say he went soft in the 80’s. We can say he never did anything new or special of different, or at least not after Cream. But, you know what? This dude can play the blues – FOR REAL. And he’s been doin’ it pretty much non-stop for, like, 45 years. He hasn’t stopped because it appears that he can’t. I think a lot about the blues lately. It’s something that speaks to me in a very direct fashion. Even when I was young, I could feel it. there was no intellectual aspect. It was all emotion. When I was too young to know how vital it was to be able to express emotions so that they didn’t back up on me and create havoc (or more havoc) later on, I knew that I could play blues music – simple, almost infantile, expressions of a feeling that is so important and so universal. I think I learned a lot of this from Clapton.