Baseball = love


This is why we love the game.  This is why we put up with the frustration and the grind and the years of futility when things don’t go our way.  This is why Harry Kalas said, in his Hall of  Fame induction speech, that, “no matter how long you’ve been in [the game], you learn more about it every year, every day. Every year I see things on the field that I’ve never seen before.”  This is why generation after generation can sit in a crowded park next to tens of thousand of strangers and have the time of their life just watching men stand around and think for three hours.  This is why it’s a chess match and this is why the Phillies have the heart of a champion.

This morning, everyone is at a loss for words and we haven’t even won anything yet.  This series will go on and may even go back to Los Angeles.  But today, none of that matters.

Go read about it at The Fightins, Beerleaguer, The Phrontiersman and The Walkoff Walk.  Soak it up on Twitter and Facebook with the 700Level.  See what they’re saying at We Should Be GMs.  Last night was a special night, and whether you were watching on TV, listening to the radio or lucky enough to be in the stands, that was a Phillies game that will live on in history forever.

Today everyone will try to explain the inexplicable.  They will try with words to describe something that cannot be described.  The emotions run high and we all want to share in this in some way, because that makes something good feel so much better.  I think I know a word that describes this phenomena pretty well: