OK – that was a colossal waste of time

The way this theme is set up, the Twitter feed was hard to follow; every time there was a mention or a hashmark, I got one of those gray squares, and it was impossible for the reader to tell where one post began and one post ended.  I decided the answer was a flash-based widget and just auditioned every got damned one out there.  They all suck.  I have temporarily settled with the ‘official’ badge, which looks more like an advertisement – that thing is not staying.

I either have to find a way to monkey around with the code for theme (there is an update, but I’m afraid to loose my customization), or I can go back to the old way, or I can just bag the whole thing.

The Twitter profile does not really serve any useful purpose, other than to give the visitor an idea of how often I update and what kind of garbage gets dumped there.

This idea of broadcasting updates is going to need its own post, as I have been asked again (for the first time in a while, actually) why I am not on FaceBook.  The short version is that there is no ‘good’ answer – but more on that later.

Tonight Em and I consoled each other after a Phillies loss with a classic episode of The X-Files – Jose Ching, of course!