SourceAudio Tri-Mod Wah – probably voided the warranty


I’ve never been too good with the wah-wah rocker pedal.  Volume pedal is a different story, that I can handle.  but the wah has never been my friend.  So, several months ago, I picked up this sucker on a whim and it’s a nice sounding unit with lots of versatility.  It can do envelope or LFO and the multi-peaks can get real crazy – that’s always a good thing.

Unfortunately, the switch stopped working several months ago and I foolishly never did anything about it.  The unit still got power and all the settings seemed to work, but I couldn’t work the pedal.  Well, last night, I decided to take a quick look inside and noticed that a spring in the switch had been overly compressed.  I gently stretched out the spring and put it back in place, put all the screws back in and ta-dah! The thing is working like a charm.  I’ll try to get some recording done so you can hear this beauty.  It’s not earth shattering, but it’s a nice little auto-wah/filter unit.