Virtuality Paranoia – How do we know what is real?

I am amused and encouraged by the infiltration of one of the show’s main themse ( how do we know what is real?) into the discussion of the series’ non-existent future. It’s almost as if critics refuse to believe that something that looks so amazing would get put in the garbage by FOX. If there is some ulterior motive to airing that program on a Friday in the middle of the summer (basically the network cutting it’s losses and filling up otherwise dead space ), and the
Inexplicable sinking of a small fortune into marketing and promoting something that’s not there. It is strange.

The show is dead. There will be no series. And, as if to drive the point home, the reason that the show is dead is because the ratings were a disaster. And the reason for that was that Virtuality aired aginst specials about major celebrities who had just … died.