I just registered over at DailyKos


Everybody knows about DailyKos.  I’ve been reading the front page daily for ther past few years, and the folks over there know their stuff.  But at ATG’s suggestion, I figured I’d give it a try.  I’m not as politically motivated as I have been in the past, but this exercise and heightened scrutiny (there are lots of rules) will, hopefully, take the writing bug to the next level.  I figure, while I’m cranking out the columns, I might as well try to do something constructive.

Not that the process of emoting and expressing isn’t a good thing in general, but the difference is wirintg for me vs. writing for a purpose.  Let’s see what happens.  There is a mandatory one week waiting period before I’m aloud to diary, so I’ll have some time to get my shit together.