Live Blogging Glenn Tilbrook – sort of

Glenn takes flight

Glenn takes flight

Note: this was my first attempt at ‘live blogging’, but I had no internet connection.  Thankfully, WordPress for iPhone/iPod Touch saves to a local draft file.  Then when I got home, I published the whole she-bang.  I real live blog should have times of posts, as well as be updated to the net while the event is happening.  That’s not what happened here, even thoug these comments and observations were made during the show.

Glenn Tilbrook and The Fluffers (w/ Spring Standard opneing)

World Cafe Live, 32nd and Walnut, Philadelphia, PA

March 31, 2009

Opening act is horrible and has lots off equient, which means that there will be a long delay between sets. At least songs are short.

It makes me wonder which drink on the menu has the most alcohol. How is it that this singer songwriter routine can be so bad and so acceptable.

I think there is a hard ceiling for this kind of music and I think it is getting lower and lower. Do these people think they are going to be big stars playing this kind of music? Is. There some satisfaction in doing something that’s already been done to death? And why not have a drummer in the band? They’re all tryng to play part of the kit rather than having one additional musican who could actually handle the percussion duties. Uh-oh. Now they’re trying to rock out. Ugh!

Ok.  So now they’ve got Glenn and the Fluffers on stage for a big r’n’b ending. It’s cacophonous. I’m glad they’ve gotten some portion of our money, but suit, that was brutal. Now we have a long break til the main attraction.

In between music sounds like it might be Ryan Adams. That’s encouraging. Here’s the thing: live music is good for you. Life is too short to listen to music that sucks, but I think the shitty part of the night is over.

The main event has begun! A cream Strat instead of the old black Tele. Too much open space in front of the band. Through the Net is 2 d and it sounds great!!

Band is in fine form. Songs are too short. Hostage is 3rd. I like this set.

Next song is about the RV from the tour a few years back. The image is on on of Em’s shirts. Guitar playing is so effortless.

Slap and Tickle is high energy and perfectly executed. Doeople know this is a Squeeze song? First big solo of the night. Lots of phaser.

Something agout changing the lyrics of the next song so as not to offend the young’ns. I don’t know this one, but it’s a nice mid tempo break after the ferocious Slap and Tickle.

Bridget Bardot wrap followed by a new acoustic number. Lucy is taking lead vocal. Can’t tell if she’s a bit weak in the vox or if it’s part of he tune. Keys are outrageous all night.

More acoustic guitar on The Best of Times. Steven on accordion. Glenn is monstrous on guitar, even when just strumming away. His voice is still real strong and we’re well into the set. This is another great song. I can’t wait to hear the record!

Talking about Johnny Depp and Too Close The Sun. He’s got his volunteer. Progtastic duet win Glenn & Steve doubling up the licks like Banks and Hackett! Pure silliness.

Now into one of those sweet crooning rockers he does. Why hasn’t this record come out yet? Big guitar solo, so I’m happy.

Untouchable. This always reminds me of the MS150. What a great tune and a great version. Lucy thinks Glenn is of of tune. He’ll grab a black strat during the piano break. Steve turn into Roy Bitten for the big finish. Now he’ll dose set one with Mussels and the audience is happy. Two people are dancing and Steve is playing with his feet.

We’ve had a fifteen minute break and we’re back with Uranus. More perfect pop from the solo catalog. Big keys and drums at the end. Nice jam!! The in ear monitors go flying and the crowd goes wild just in time for a Squeeze favorite Is That Love. More folks dancing and a nice twangy solo on the creme strat.

Quickly into the next number as Steve works the Rhodes and Hammond sounds win left and right hands. It’s very Jools, but I don’t know this tune. Your basic one four jam goes great with the twangy jazzy solo, and it’s a big one. Away he goes!

‘Relentless Pursuit’ ? Whatever it is, another pop ballad with harmony and melody to spare. The band does carry the live harmonies as well as the artist in the studio, but the point is made.

‘One For The Road’ is even better live. He’s so twangy, even without a wammy bar. Here comes Steve with organ and piano. Nice!

Tempted. Why not? Was he recently on tour with a reconstituted Squeeze? Yeah, maybe, but what a great song. He should be proud and he really enjoys playing it. Same with the band.

And now it’s time to get funky with the Parallel Worlds. Few people know, but the band a more into this tune than Tempted. Me too. Jazzy space jam as Steve works the oscillators on his synth. Big drums! Great version! Morphing into the next tune with Hendrix style accents. Yes! We’re Up The Junction. What a show! Slow and psychedelic version. Slow tempo suits sad lyrics. And, of course, when you start slow, you can build to a big ending. But no, it’s a tease and we’re done. Encores?

Spring whatevers are out for the encore. We’ll see if this is any good.

A heavy rocker gives way to heavy version of Take Me. Steve is stealing the show with the vocoder. Spring Standards are not adding much. Here GT with a big solo before bedtime. Matching the vocoder with a scat solo to go with guitar. Funky Town jam is on the other side of annoying. Let’s wrap this up, folks. Now Steve’s feet are stickng up and he interpretative dance is lovely for all on stage. Done