Do you have any idea how HUGE this is? NEW. DELANY. NOVEL.

Thanks to the wonderful Charlie Jane Anders at io9, I have just learned that Samuel R. Delany, the iconic author of my most favoritest novel Dhalgren, has a major work coming out in February 2011.  And, to whet your appetite, there is an excerpt now in circulation through Boston Review.

For me, Dhalgren was the literary equivalent of 2001: A Space Odyssey.  It is a massive tome that has puzzled readers since its publication in 1975.  Up to that point, Delany had shown considerable talent in cranking out VERY engaging space operas and other sci-fi, but with Dhalgren, the view is turned inward.  Reality is constantly shifting as the main character travels through a dream-city that crashes back-and-forth between chaos, love, violence, sex and apocalypse.

Now, “Through The Valley of The Nest of Spiders” is heading toward imminent release (February 1)  and it appears that the master has another vast work with which to challenge us.  I can hardly wait.