In honor of WordPress 3.0, I’ve freshened things up a bit

You gotta love WordPress – everything is so easy to install and update now, it’s amazing how much has changed since I first started messing with it back in March of 2008.  That may not be much time, but the ease of use, compared to back then, is extraordinary.  Hell, back then didn’t even exist.

I’m also happy to say that, after experimenting with almost a dozen different themes, I came back to TwentyTen, which is the new default that is included with the updated 3.0 platform.  I needed a two column layout that would work with the ‘custom menus’ (I think that’s a new feature), and would let me use my own header image.  I’m not quite sure the current image is permanent, but that’s what I’ve got for now.

The widget areas at the bottom and sides are just what I’m used to, although some widgets and plugins have been updated since I last had a facelift.

I still gotta do a blogroll or links section, and that has needed serious updating for some time.