Battlestar Digest – I Frakking Loved It!

It wasn’t perfect, but it was pretty damn good. One thing – it was strange watching it without ads because the narrative flow kind of depended on the breaks. Our copy didn’t have any ads, so the breaks lasted less than a moment. This was particularly weird during the intense battle sequences of the first half. That all being said – it was still pretty unbelievable: the opera house, the OTHER earth, Kara, the battle, the child – whew! Here’s what some others are saying.

Laura Miller at gets it. She wanted a more groundbreaking ending that smashes the rules a bit more. She thinks they may have played it a bit safe. She may be right.

Ginia Bellafante at the New York Times had a similar, though less articulate reaction.

Robin Abrahams at has some interesting observations. Lots of women review this show, no?

Mary McNmara at the LA Times loved loved loved it. Another woman!

Make your opinion heard. Does BSG deserve an Emmy nomination?

A nice recap of the hits from four seasons, courtesy the Vancouver Sun. has a Q&A with Ron Moore. Hopefully less crying than in the SciFi ‘Last Frakking Special”.

Screen Rant has issues, but also a lot of love.

Newsday goes over the top with an A++.

Chicago Tribune’s Maureen Ryan has a comprehensive article with a long interview and her glowing review.

More interviews and explanations at Discover Magazine.