Demo songs? Whose demo songs??

My love of music has caused my 250GB hard drive to be pretty much full-up after just two years.  I’m looking to conserve space wherever I can.  All extraneous bullshit has to go.  After a visit from le Sturgeon last weekend (which included a massive-music-trade-a-thon), I’m playing with a scant 4GB margin.  That’s the danger zone.

This morning I looked in the ‘Application Support’ folder under garageband and confirmed that there were an extra 6GB of Demo Songs just sitting there doing nothing.  I guess these might be helpful if the computer is sitting in the showroom and you want to show off all the cool sounds GarageBand can make, but that shit has no place on THIS machine as it is currently configured.  Adios, demo songs.  I hope the artists were properly compensated.