For god’s sake – what is WRONG with Arizona?

First it becomes the state with the most backwards and xenophobic immigration policy in the Union, and now the schools will not be permitted to teach ethnic studies because it promotes an atmosphere of resentment and increases the possibility of a violent takeover – I know, WTF indeed.

The 2011 Major League Baseball All-Star Game is scheduled to be held in Arizona and, given the high percentage of Latin and Hispanic players that play professional baseball, it seems like there may be a problem.  A number of players have thrown their support behind, which is an offshoot of MoveOn.  Commissioner Selig has said that he doesn’t expect the game to be moved, but he’s just biding his time while waiting to see which way the winds of public opinion blow.  The man is a coward.

Elon James does an excellent (and humorous) job of helping us put some of Arizona’s policies in perspective.  The thing is, I’ve been to Arizona.  It seems like a nice place.  Can anyone tell me how it got so fucked up?