A quick recap… And now a funeral.

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Schneeberg

The world is turning rapidly under our feet.  This can not be avoided, but it need not always be celebrated.

Last Thursday we attended the successful settlement on our first home.  It is a bittersweet moment because it means leaving the city limits of this glorious and frustrating town.  I wish I had the money to be a stylish, bohemian intellectual with a beautiful row home in a safe neighborhood, but it ain’t gonna happen.  not now, anyway.  I’m taking my liberal politics and my strange music to the ‘burbs.

In the midst of preparing for closing, I left a pair of work projects for the weekend.  this meant several hours at the office on Sunday, when I should have been home packing for our move 0 which is just a few short weeks away.  One thing I was not working on was a trial that has been listed several times, but for one reason or another, has never gone forward.  My clients grow weary of the hurry-up-and-wait approach that the Courts insist on.  Because the matter had been listed so many times, I am ready.  I just have to drag all my files and tech (computer, project and screen for power-point presentation and video testimony to show the jury) to Court and I’m ready.

So our latest listing for this trial was yesterday, and, low and behold, the Judge was actually ready for us.  He dismissed us for the morning and advised us to come back after lunch to pick a jury.

As I pulled into the parking lot after getting my gear and a quick snack, I check email and learned that Arthur Schneeberg had died.  Arthur was my Mom’s first cousin and a man I had admired my whole life.  He was a gifted physician and a loving family member.  He was the most unassuming man, completely unpretentious.  Yet his level of scholarship about his work and religion always inspired me.  I am proud to be a part of his family.

So, instead of finally putting on my trial, the case goes back into the “waiting to re-list” category and today I take my Mom to a funeral.