I’m declaring Squarepusher the ‘Artist of the Week’

Let's fucking 'av it!!

Let's fucking 'av it!!

Which is a problem, because it’s Thursday.  So I’m taking a loose approach to the term ‘week’.  I’ll be focusing some entries here and at Blogerantz on Squarepusher.  I just recently unearthed an old bootleg of his, and I’ll work my up to making that available.  Then I hear that a new record is coming out later this summer.  I’ve obviously got no choice; it must be Squarepusher week.

So, without further delay, this is Planet Gear from last year’s ‘Just a Souvenir’.  Notice the newly discovered punk feel:


And from the classic, early era this is Journey to Rheedam (7AM mix) – the drums are being performed live on the synth bass! – it’s triggering the drum sounds.  Insane: