Moldover – great crazy music, innovative packaging


When my friend Dave and I were younger, after he played a pivotal role in getting me to listen to Gabriel-era Genesis, we would sometimes buy music based solely on production.  you might not know about the band, but if you knew the producer, then you knew that you would hear something compelling.  Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois, Tchad Blake and Mitchell Froom were just a few of the high-level pros from our time – so long ago.  We were arguably elevating form over substance – purchasing a product simply because of its packaging.

Well, Moldover seems to have taken that to the next level.  the technology that was used to make his record is actually embedded in the CD case and he plays it on the train and at shows.

That’s what I call bringing your product to the people.  Talk about interactive.  Play along while you listen!

(h/t tweet from Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess)