As they say in the song…

‘Now we’re getting somewhere’

The music page has turned into a zone of experimentation. I’ve kept the header, but chucked the template. I had hoped to steal a template that would work for what I wanted to do (music player and links to categories), but nothing really worked. So, I found a widget (neon sign!) to do my dirty work. Code is poetry, but prewritten code is easy. It’s sort of funny that all the links and text, as well as widgets, all go in the snarfer.php template. It’s not really a template if it has all the content, is it?

I’m sort of fascinated that the Pages don’t lend themselves to blog entries. For example, I will do some law bloggin here and I want to attach a brief I wrote recently on an esoteric technicality in NJ Auto law. I would think there would be a possibility of having a companion or child blog under the main blog. Without having gone on an exhaustive search, it seems that all the blogging needs to be done right here. And then I’ll link to other stuff at a ‘Law’ page, like a pdf of that brief, for example.