Morning strum while fasting, featuring @thelucydog

Eventually, I have to give up all the dreams of being a superstar DJ and running Ableton Live with Reason 5, controlled on an iPad.  I mean, I’m sure I’ll keep dabbling, but eventually, I just have to go back to doing what I do.  And, in this case, it had been so long that I was a bit worried my fingers wouldn’t cooperate, but after all these years, they still remember.  This is just something, a bit sloppy, that Lucy and I made up on the spot.

Movie on 2010-09-18 at 09.29


Between trial days…

This was my invocation from last night before getting back into trial mode.  I also had a brief to finish for a deadline the next day – in a different case.  The sound is a bit low, because it’s just acoustic guitar on video capture (iSight) played from behind the computer.  This is the view from my study at home.

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