Squarepusher on whether he’s “going back to his roots”

There are numerous ways in which I’m concerned with this music that a listener just wouldn’t be. So I think that kind of assessment is really public domain. I don’t know what I can offer in that respect. I can certainly say the idea of trying to replicate something I’ve done in the past is quite offensive to me. Trying to recapture something I was doing 15 years ago, that’s certainly a long way from my intentions.

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Squarepusher ups the ante with Ufabulum.

So far, I am very pleased with the new Squarepusher record.  I’m also enjoying how some critics can’t get a handle on it.  That means he’s doing his job properly.  As the artist predicted, it is both melodic and aggressive.  The grooves devolve to an almost unrecognizable digital mash, but are buoyed by the composer’s sense of melodic narrative.  The destructive decoration is the point, but it is anchored to very human sounding notes.

Here is the artist’s own track by track discussion.