Another TV observation

I am absolutely delighted and relieved to have deep 6’d cable. Here’s what occurred to me the other night. Everybody has cable. You even have to pay for ‘basic’ cable, as in the TV that I remember being free not too long ago. That programming was funded through advertising.  All you had to do was buy a TV.

Now, we actually have to pay to watch ads. Because it’s such a privilege to see how ‘sponsors’ want to separate me from the money that I don’t have because I already gave it to the cable company that’s forcing allowing me to watch your commercial.  It’s sickening.

Free at last!

Destroy your TV

Destroy your TV

We finally cancelled television at our house. What a relief. We never watch it. Programming is 99.99999% unwatchable. Everything is geared toward the lowest common denominator. The commercials are louder than the actual program. The ads for pharmaceuticals all make me feel like I have whatever dread disease is being described. Reality TV is not real. I don’t want my MTV. Anything that is worth watching can be seen via computer and internet.

Now, baseball is a different story. I have undying love for the Phillies under the worst of circumstances, but now, they are the defendning champions and they look like they could do some damage again in ’09. But you know what, I don’t need to sit and watch these games on TV. I have always loved listening to Phillies games on the radio and last year, even in the thick of a title hunt, we still preferred the radio. If they make the playoffs and we need to see coverage on the idiot box, we can head down to the local pub.

So that’s that. Goodbye Comcast. Don’t let the door hit you in the but on your way out!