If there are four stories about Obama’s school speech on Townhall, does that count as traction?

I keep hearing about this bizarre story, and I can’t believe it won’t go away.  Obama plans to welcome students back to school with a speech that will be show in public schools on September 8, 2009.  After a month of fear mongering and threats surrounding the healthcare debate, it seems that a few activists on the Right have overshot the mark by claiming that Obama’s pep talk to returning students is, in fact, and indoctrination effort aimed at engineering the latest version of Hitler Youth.  This is an especially crazy premise given the fact that President did the same thing in 1988.

There’s enough different ways to attack the current administration (from both sides), that I would think his enemies would let this one go like they seem to have let go of the bizarre and untrue allegation that Obama is not an American citizen.  I’m not about to put Rush Limbaugh on the radio here at work – it’s one thing to check in  with that stuff when it’s just me in the car, but I’m not going to subject my co-workers to such madness in the name of “know thine enemy.”

But I did decide to look at Townhall.com, which is no less nutty.  And, to my surprise, there are 4 stories and/or columns addressing the acute danger presented by Obama telling kids to study hard and stay in school.