Stuff like this makes me want to start my own business

I am SUCH a sucker for fancy task management applications.  This one is team-based, which means I have no use for it my button-down-Outlook/proprietary unnamed legal software work life.  But when I see stuff that looks this good and this easy to use, I can’t help but fantasize about implementing it to lead my own team of creative bad-asses to glory – in the law or wherever!  Here’s the New York Times article and below is the promo video.  It’s called Asana.

Multi-platform task management


As my move to a Windows 7 work computer gets closer, I’m looking to tighten up my task management.  I think there may be software implemented by the office that all eight of us will use, but I can’t necessarily count on or wait for that.

Some time ago I switched from the gorgeous native Mac app ‘Things‘ to the equally lovely web-app Flow.  Flow is basically Things in the cloud.  As far as I know, Things still doesn’t have a viable cloud sync, which means that mobile device must be synced over wi-fi.  That’s an embarrassing state of affairs.

Flow is pretty much perfect task management, but its expensive: $10 per month or $100 for the year.  But it’s so nice to look at and the platform is so solid and there’s no worry about switching from Mac to PC.  And when users clamored for repeating tasks, they got right to it.  There is still no native iPad app, but I’m sure this will be remedied in short order.

Flow greatest strength may be it’s collaboration facilities.  This app/service is all about teams of people in different places working together and getting the shit done.  Unfortunately, my use of task management is just for me.  So I never had any opportunity to take advantage of the amazing team features in Flow.

Enter Wunderlist.  This is, to be sure, not nearly as sexy as Flow and doesn’t have any of the collaboration potential, at least not yet.  But it is perfect for my purposes.  Free cloud based service – always synced.  Free native apps for iPhone, iPad AND ANDROID!  I never dreamed I would have viable task management on my Android phone, but now it works perfectly.

If my employer implements/mandates task management software, I will still use Wunderlist as a backup and for my personal GTD.