Kristen Shaal breaks down some new healthcare legislation just for you

You thrilled to her in Flight of the Conchords, now enjoy the lovely Kristen Shaal on The Daily Show, which comes to you from me via Talking Points Memo.  Because you only thought you knew what “rape” meant.

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Maureen Dowd should lose her job for this

She ripped off Josh Marshall, the founder of Talking Points Memo, and one of the top two or three most influential web journalists in recent history.  This guy’s investigation of the Bush Administration’s overly politicized Justic Department actually led to the firing of Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez.  Marshall is a modern day Woodward and Bernstein and he’s read by hundreds of thousands of people.  Did she think no one would notice?  How stupid can a person be?

SHE FREAKIN’ COPIED HIS STUFF AND PRINTED IT IN HER SUNDAY COLUMN IN THE NEW YORK TIMES.  That’s her saying that she’s too busy or lazy or old to do any real work on her own.  That’s her saying she doesn’t want her job anymore because it’s just too difficult – and it happens to be, like, one of the easiest jobs in the world.  AND THEN SHE LIED ABOUT!!!

Like it or not, newspapers will soon be gone forever.  This kind of insanely stupid behavior is one of the reasons why.