It’s the “Catch-All Social Media Blog” again.

I continue to view WordPress as my go-to HQ, the hub of my online existence.  The fact that it is now the most ungainly blog platform of the services I use is discouraging, but everything has it’s place.

Twitter is like a text message to the world, with little side-chats, important news stories, and a whole lot of people acting really silly.

Google+ is the upstart, unlimited by any character number, capable of handling photos, blogs, plus ones’s, shares, just about anything.  I love it.

And then there is my dear buried treasure of Tumblr, so sweet, so emo, makes me feel like a real hipster (plus about 75 lbs).  My Tumblr is so vain, I just want people to look at it and think I’m so cool, with my pictures of cars, old movies, genius musicians and freaky artwork.  The Tumblr time-line is a lot like Twitter in that you follow who you like and unfollow who you don’t.  You can give hearts just like on Google+ and reblogs instead of retweets.

I’m joyful to have given up Facebook.  My profile still exists for some reason, but I haven’t looked at it for months now, trying to lead by example.  I equate my recent effort to start yoga with giving up Facebook for good.

And then there’s all that other stuff – Picplz until there is Instagram for Android, Instagram for my iPod Touch, Foursquare, Google Reader, Evernote, – the list goes on and I’m always looking for more toys!

So this brings me back to my dear old WordPress blog, my hub.  I shouldn’t have to make an effort to post here – it should be instinctive.  Maybe the extra trouble makes it more precious than those other networks and outlets.  But like the fact that I have to change the background on my phone at least once per week, I’ll revamp this website in the coming days – not to improve your user experience, but just to make it fresh and shiny and new for me.  And then I’ll tell you all about it.