Go Easy On The Guys With The Duckies


Now is not the time to get into the whole psycho-babble, post-mortem, facilitated encounter (i.e. the cancer retreat), but a few quick notes are absolutely required at this moment.

My bad feelings, chronicled below, are not the result of mismanagement or poor execution by the people who set this thing up.  For all I know, they are the Michael Jordan of young adult cancer retreats.  My problem was that I went somewhere, emotionally, that I didn’t plan on going, and that kinda sorta set me off.  It was a ‘safe place’ (more jargon!!), and, by all accounts, I recovered quickly.  The over-arching impression at this point is that I’m glad I went and the result is positive and valuable.

The cooling-off period has been essential.  I don’t like feeling that I’m being manipulated.  I become overly-obsessed with process to avoid substance.  But the genius of what they (Them!) did was that it worked in opposition.  The facilitators (ugh!) did not perform perfectly, and the yoga/massage was a great idea that, unfortunately, didn’t work.  It’s so much better to attempt things and fail than to remain complacent – so I’m OK with all of that.

It’s a crazy exercise.  It was hectic.  It didn’t make me feel so good.  But I think that it worked.  More on this as I continue to simmer and chill.