Something new and different


Live music is an elixir nonpareil.  Depending on your predilections, you may not want to have it be too loud. You may not want to have to stand for the whole performance.  You may prefer a classical recital in a beautiful and climate-controlled auditorium.  Others like a sweaty mosh-pit.  There are innumerable options in between.  I remember seeing the great Ronnie Earl at a blues festival many years ago – he was sweating bullets; he was getting down!  But the solo was so quiet.  The crowd kept shouting for him to trun it up, but he only put his index finger to his lips as he squeezed his eyes shut and ripped out some of the tastiest riffs this side of Texas.

Anyway, it’s all good.  It cures what ails you and it sustains you and I AM talking about you, because I believe it is true for everyone.  Which brings me to the Decemberists.  I don’t know this band from a hole in the ground, but Em, in her infinite (and serendipitous) wisdom, decided that we should give these folks a listen.  It actually sounds pretty good.  This is thoughtful acoustic pop with a strong prog influence.

So we are pleased to learn that, just as we discover something new to listen to, that same group will be at the Tower Theater on Saturday night.  Tickets – $30, which is more than reasonable, considering what the titans of classic rock tend to charge these days.

And, most importantly, we will be together and listening to live music.  I can only think of a few things in life that could be better.