iPad music compositions using Korg iMS-20 and Propellerhead Rebirth

Both of these apps are incredible!  The multi-touch interface of the iPad just makes it all come together, even for me – someone who has no idea what he is doing.  First check out this jam from Saturday morning using Rebirth from Propellerhead:

Rebirth Jam – 11/20/10

Although I find the sounds of Rebirth to be more historically relevant / important (Roland TB-303 x2, TR-808 and TR-909), the Korg iMS-20, which is an emulation of an analog synth called, not surprisingly, MS-20, is a little easier to nuts with.  Plus, the super-slick Soundcloud integration has me thinking about upgrading to a premium account.  Uh-oh…

New Session 2010-11-20 10.27.42.wav by mpomy

ReBirth for iPad – also, @peff is the coolest!

I’m posting this more for my benefit, as Kurt takes you through how to build a song with ReBirth for iPad.  I’d messed with the iPhone version, but it’s too damn small.  This looks beautiful and I can’t wait to start messing.

How much do love @peff?  I kinda wish he would do a similar review for the Korg iMS-20, which I picked up yesterday.  It also sounds pretty hot and has huge versatility.  Hopefully I’ll be posting jams (complete with resonator slide guitar parts?!?) from both of these killer apps soon.