Transatlantic concert at TLA a week from tomorrow!!

Roine Stolt

Ready for a total PROG-stravaganza with cousin Steve, Dr. Dave and new friend Dara.  We’re going to ge there early and get right up front.  We’re getting a bit old for the standing-all-show deal, but, thankfully, there is no opening act and this is a special show in that it represents the mightiest prog-rock super-group in the land.  Roine is a legend, the godfather of swedish prog.  Neal Morse is the happy warrior, a missionary of prog and evangelical Christianity!  Michael Portnoy is, as of this date, the greatest rock drummer out there.  When he plays with his band (Dream Theater), the kit is the size of a small school bus.  Who knows what he’s bringing to the TLA next week?  And finally, Pete Trewavas, he is the glue that brings order to the ferocity of the others’ passion.

Transatlantic will, presumably., be performing their entire new album The Whirlwind as well as some of their back catalog and a couple covers.

It’s gonna be a great night.  Here’s a sample of the new record:

p.s. I’m pleased to say, after the chaos of my recent relocation, I have finally found our tickets, so we are ready to go!

You know, because 30 minute prog-rock epics are starting to feel too short…


So let’s try a 77 minute track!  That’s right, proggers!  One disc, one song.  That’s what we’re in for with the new Transatlantic album ‘The Whirlwind’ slated for an October 27 release this fall.  We knew from back in April that the band had gotten together for a new record, but a project of this scope was not anticpated, nit by me, at least.  Plus, there will be a 2CD version where the extra disc has four more originals and four covers.  Oh, you know, what, that’s OK – I didn’t want to hear Mike Portnoy play Return of the Giant Hogweed, anyway.  I mean, in these trying economic times it’s better for me not to know what that’s going to sound like.

Get the details at Transatlantic’s homepage, and mark your calendar for a very proggy Fall.