A few random thoughts at 2AM

It’s not quite 2Am.  Hopefully I will be asleep or very close to it at the actual 2AM.  I’ve gotten to the end of my writing for tonight, which is not to say that I’m done this particular project, but I’ve come to a stopping point and I can’t be productive any more tonight.  This is the good part about setting deadlines before deadlines.

And I’m listening to Squarepusher and looking at Tumblr and posting pictures of the 1974 RSR 3.0, because you were never allowed to drive it on the street and it won races.  Speaking of races, Monaco is this weekend upcoming.  I truly think one day I will find a way to go.

I’ve been retweeted by Peter Straub and Caitlin R. Kiernan in the past ten days, so I do my literary squee dance.

I think I will set up a tumblr for Earl.  I need to reserve the imadoptedgetoverit.tumblr.com url.  I hope it’s not already taken.  Maybe he’ll prefer not to advertise his special status, no matter how obvious it may or may not be.   Maybe I’ll wait and not set up a tumblr for him.  I don’t know.

A friend hooked me up with some new music called “Consider the Source.”  I think I’ll put that on repeat tomorrow – Middle Eastern fusion jazz prog.  Are you kidding me?  Coming to Philly soon – I need to go.

Still not 2AM.  Perfect.