‘No See’ – how about that organ solo?!?

The Axiom 25 strikes again on this latest incarnation of the evolving ‘No See’. At 2:20, it’s almost respectable, although there’s been a lot of copying and pasting. It seems like I’m trying to incorporate everything I like in open composition. In this latest version you’ll hear some dumbed down Tony Banks arpeggios and a mini organ solo that was inspired by listing to too much old Traffic. I need to do more with drums and that means figuring out Reason one day. This weekend I’ll try to get more going with the guitar.

Here’s what I have so far.

Mpomy Music – ‘No See’ (first draft)

I’m pleased to be getting a little more facile with Logic 8. This 50 second fragment was constructed over the weekend, and I think it has some promise for inclusion with other parts. I started with a template just to get some instruments on the page. I picked some loops for the drums, and it still feels like cheating. Ironically, the worst of it is the guitar part – which is replete with wrong notes and out-of-tune strings. I played this for The Lovely Emily, and she gave me some great tips, which are incorporated into this draft. Also, I was able to do some finishing when the computer wasn’t hooked up to all the hardware. The Axiom 25 and the Guitar Rig Session I/O are small enough, but I’m not usually carrying that stuff around with me. Now I see that I can edit anywhere I have my computer.

Anyway, here’s the song – ‘No See’