Wayne’s World

As part of my ongoing celebration of Wayne Shorter’s music this week, here is New York Times review of his 75 birthdy concert at Carnegie Hall.  He was joined by a classical wind section, but reviewer Ben Ratlif gives you a feel for what the extraordinary quartet has done during this amazing 8-year run.

They don’t stop between songs, they keep melodies obscured through harmony that’s constantly flowing, and they allow breathing room for everyone, almost rendering obsolete the old notions of jazz architecture — solos, backgrounds, vamps, bridges and so on. Why would you want anything to get in the way of that?

Read the whole article here.

Glanville on Manny and Mom


Our former center fielder has been out of the game for a while, but he”s a distiguished Penn grad and has scored a column at the Times.  Here’s a link to his latest.

I like the column and the sentiment, especially the bit about Mom, but the Matrix anology is a disaster.  Sorry, Doug.  In the Matrix, Neo takes the hard way and suffers for the chance to save the rest of us.  In his baseball career, Glanville took the hard way by no going on the junk.  A fabulous world of supermodels and riches was kept away from him, but it’s not like he continued on as a drone attached to a malevolent machine that sought to manipulate and control him.  Good article, bad analogy.