Cowardly Governor Christie wants to have it both ways

There was no need for him to veto action by the New Jersey legislature that would have protected marriage equality. But, as Tom Moran notes in the Star Ledger:

he’s trying to limit the damage by emphasizing that he supports equal rights for gay couples under the state’s civil union law, and is prepared to strengthen it if needed.

It is good to see that even conservatives like him feel the need to underscore their commitment to equal rights. But in the end, it’s a phony attempt to have it both ways.

For a guy who acts so tough, it’s pretty weak to see him cave to the extreme right. He’s going against what he knows to be right for personal, political gain. And that’s sad.

Status post travels with Lucy


I’m too tired to be transferring pictures to Flickr right now, but we just got back from a whirlwind tour of north Jersey with Lucy, the slow footed, slow witted Basset Hound.  Now, as calm and easy going as the saintly Lucy may be, she does not travel well.  In fact, in the four years she has lived with us, she has nevr gone for a car ride and NOT thrown up.  But, this weekend, all of that changed.

We had the pleasure of visiting our new friends who live near Summit, NJ.  They are big time dog people and invited us to bring Lucy for an overnight.  It went great!  The dogs got along, Lucy didn’t puke, and Em and I had a huge time.  Katie and Kieth are about the nicest hosts you could have and it was really cool to see a part of my beloved NJ that I hadn’t explored before.  We all met in Ashland, MA at a couples cancer retreat in May, and it was great to reconnect.  We even got to make an impromptu visit to Citi Field, where the Phillies trounced the Mets – Sorry Kieth!

Now I am tired and full of homemade pierogies we got at the farmer’s market in Summit this morning.  We did get to hear Eric Bruntlett’s unassisted, game winning, bottom-of-the-ninth triple play on the radio as we drove home.  And even with all the yelling and screaming, Lucy still didn’t yack.  Good girl!