Plans and Schemes, Daydreams

How many friggin’ twitter accounts and subdomains and jobs does a person have to have?

Well, I guess the number is “more than I expected” in all cases. So this post is intended more as a way to explain to myself just what the hell I think I’m doing. The @mpomy twitter account has a lot of music on the mind, but also sports, entertainment, politics, social justice. Then there’s the @mdp_esq twitter account. That’s now got crypto, upcoming lawyer AI project, upcoming data analytics project and also general law stuff, some of which may shade into social justice. These aren’t rules, by the way, it’s just what I’m observing. These two twitter accounts have existed in this fashion for a good little while already.

Now there is an ionomy/crypto podcast, which is hosted on an mpomy subdomain and is described (by me!) as an “mpomy production.” But hang on! Isn’t the subject of that podcast closer to the @mdp_esq persona? Yes, but I don’t care. I’ve already got all this organized in my brain and I don’t want to get rid of the _esq twitter account. Even though it has almost no followers. Maybe I like it that way.

As I talk this out, I realize I need to clarify on both twitter accounts that I, we, are the same person. Gemini stuff. #smdh

There will be more podcasts, which, I guess, will mean more subdomains. Or at least one other. I’m getting outstanding feedback, which is the benefit of knowing and working with a lot of really cool people. Over the past week, I’ve had a single mammoth content plan start to take shape, and there are even early notes, preliminary discussions and some scripting. This could be a work of bizarre fiction, where i need no one elses help, all the way up to a documentary film, which is what I really want to do. The music-related subject will be discussed later, but I feel strongly that whatever happens with the project, there will be a podcast discussion to accompany (or embody) the work. Is that opaque enough?

The idea of merging a pre-existing wiriting idea with a podcast production, especially when music will play such an essential role in the content, makes sense to me. I am not abandoning a project, but co-opting it’s momentum for a better project.

Still on podcasts, I would like to have another project just to discuss music and bring on the amazing individuals who have contributed to my musical knowledge. discuss songs, albums, concerts, etc.

All of these musings are leading me to a potentially significanrt expenditure on pro-level tools/subscription software. It would be a real shame if my eyes were actually a lot bigger than my head in this regard, but the more I contemplated the project (even before consdiering Adobe CC), the more I kept coming back to it as a viable solution. Overkill, perhpas, but that’s how you win. When I asked about podcasting, CC was the suggested solution. I looked up animation, and I immediately got to CC. I dream about making a fancy documentary – and again I see that CC can do the job. So, today i’m going to start the free trial and then decide what I want to do.

And this long running, often dormant, blog will continue in some capcity, particularly for the exercise of celebrating life with music. I feel like this is an exciting moment in the journey, and I can’t wait to see what happens. I’ll probably write about it here.

Playlist for the Broad Street Run 10 Miler

Broad Street Run Running with headphones is not always the best idea.  For serious runners, it’s not allowed (even on marathons) and disqualifies competitors from obtaining championship points.  For amateurs and hacks like myself, headphones are completely inappropriate for night or dark runs because of obvious safety concerns.  But for yesterday’s Broad Street Run, a ten miler, headphones were not only ubiquitous, but perfectly reasonable, considering the fact that there is NO traffic and NO way to get lost.  The run is literally a straight shot down Broad Street.

I like music for the longer runs, as it has the very welcome effect of distracting me from any difficulty or discomfort.  The playlist for yesterday was made by selecting a bit more music than necessary, loading all onto my HTC Hero, so that ONLY those songs that had been selected would be played on the run, and then randomizing through the lot.  Here’s how it came out:

Over The Hill – Van Der Graaf Generator

La Rossa – Van Der Graaf Generator

Over The Top – Pure Reason Revolution

Death Head – Kaki King

Cigano – Steve Winwood

People You Were Going To – Peter Hammill

Childlike Faith in Childhood’s End – Van Der Graaf Generator

Moja Ziemio Wyśniona – SBB

Echoes – Pink Floyd

Darkness 11/11 – Van Der Graaf Generator

Mantra The Lawn – Paul Gilbert

A Saucerful of Secrets – Pink Floyd


This is HUGE!! – MIDI clock sync in iOS

I’ve been waiting for this.  it feels like it’s been a long time.  With the simplified protocols and integration, I can start jamming with iPad, use that as master clock, synch a DAW on the MacBook, and play along with guitar.  Check out the video integrating two iOS devices:

I found out about the video and the tech via Synthtopia and the leading aps are being made by Finger, although Synthetic Bits‘ Funkbox is definitely in the mix.

I’ve got 600 GB and I’m gonna use it!


I recently picked up a new external hard drive (still using old-skool spinning drives, but I saw that SSD’s are now readily available, for a price) and I’m looking to not only organize the sprawling music collection, but add to it.  A few nice Micahael Walden things just appeared on the Dime on the dime and there’s always amazing compilations from ParisDJs.  The list goes on and on…

Music from my afternoon run

I’m dealing with a minor flare-up of colitis, so I have to tread lightly, but I was still able to get in a short run this afternoon.  My running iPod (yes, I have a few) coughed up some absolute beauts:

  • Tangerine Dream – Encore (not sure which Tree boot this came from)
  • Miles Davis – Honky Tonk (from the stunning Evolution of the Groove remix record – Brilliant!!)
  • Isotope – Crunch Cake

The last of these is a stone cold lost classic from the fusion era.  The whole album is good, but this song in particular really got me going on the run.

It’s good to be on vacation!

We did sing about shooting the angler fish with a secret invisible gun

Well, it seems like a bit of a longshot that Oscar and I will get to do any musical micro-blogging this weekend. We’ll just have to book some studio time when it’s not a busy holiday weekend.

We did, however, have an opportunity to sit down at the piano and sing about going to fight a dragon. I figured that every brave adventurer needs a good bit of epic music to document his exploita. But before we could find the cave of the secret invisible dragon, we first had to take on an evil cyclops, then a bunch of pirates, and I believe there was a killer shark in there somewhere.

There was also a lot of talk (and/or singing) about the vicious angler fish, but because of that monster’s sheer prowess, I think we decided to leave him alone. Or maybe Oscar managed to shoot him with secret, invisible ray gun.

Good times.

More musical microblogging


This is Hector and Achilles, composed, arranged, mixed and recorded in about two and one half hours.  It’s GarageBand with the gutar recorded via microphone through LabSeries solid state amplifier.  the guitar is an early 70’s SG with strings that need to be changed.  Some of the sounds were jacked from GarageBand extension packs obtained through bittorrent.