Paul Gilbert – Fuzz Universe on sale in U.S. in August

Paul Gilbert is the shredder extraordinaire.  His licks take no prisoners, and they just keep coming at you like a barrage, an arpeggio assault.  And, of course, what I like is the unabashed prog influence. There is even a video of him playing Emerson Lake and Palmer on guitar, and he provided breathtaking pyrotechnics on Neal Morse’s epic Sola Scriptura.

Despite his ability and obvious discipline, Gilbert seems very loos and good-natured, like he doesn’t take himself too seriously.  This promo video gives a good example:

So, although the album is already delighting junior shredders in Japan, those of us stateside will have to wait till the heat of August before partaking of Mr. Gilbert’s instrumental delights.  In the meantime, I may have to console myself with his earlier instrumental effort ‘Get Out Of My Yard’, which sounds something like this: