October is shaping up to be a big month for prog heavyweights


Marillion (pictured above) is betting that their fans will still shell out the bucks even though the ‘new’ record doesn’t have any new music. ‘Less Is More‘ (October 2) contains acoustic arrangements for older tracks – some favorites and some obscure. They’re emphasize that they really worked hard on doing something new with these songs. I’ve already placed my order.


Steve Hackett looks to get up off the mat after his ex wife Kim Poor metaphorically shattered his jaw with a lawsuit that could cost him his Genesis royalties. As a result of the hard times, this electric rock album, featuring hall-of-famer Chris Squire, had to be completed in Hackett’s apartment. ‘Out of the Tunnel’s Mouth‘ is available on October 5.


On October 27 we’re all going to be crushed by Transatlantic’s ‘Whirlwind.’ No word about touring yet, as bass player Pete Trewavas will be busy promoting Less is More with Marillion (see above). And you can decide for yourself whether it’s genius or a dick move to have the record as one track. this pretty much forces us all to buy the ‘bonus disc’, which has the rest of the songs and some covers. Of course, that bonus disc will, no doubt come at a premium.

You will notice that only the Transatlantic title is slated for a Tuesday release. Hackett’s record is due on a Monday, which is, I think, normal for UK releases. But the Marillion release on a Friday is just more proof that, no matter how many years you have in this business, traditional distribution rules don’t hold up for prog records – unless you’re Dream Theater.

Support the artist

I’m a fine one to talk.  But since the admonishment from Dave Meros of Spock’s Beard, I’ve certainly done some thinking.  Am I going to stop sharing music – No.  This is something I’ve always done (long before the advent of intertubes) and it is one of the fundamental, moral, goods that we give each other gifts of music.

That being said, there are artists that are intensely deserving of our (my) financial support.  To help celebrate an upcoming Marillion release, I did give them a few dollars and downloaded some items directly from their web store.  That just makes me feel good – giving the money directly to the artist.

Over at Prosaic Paradise, I got the report from last weekend’s ProgDay down in Chapel Hill.  Sipport takes many forms: buying the ticket or merch, pumping the keg or j.st chatting up the artists after the show.  *jealous*

So, with that warm feeling, I’m going to enjoy some great music on this beautiful Sunday, and I hope you will do the same.