The Prisoner reboot on A&E – could be awsome?

There will never be another Patrick McGoohan.  He was the coolest, the hardest, the baddest.  To try and take his creation and his character and remake the monster that was ‘The Prisoner’ is sacrilegious, at best.  It’s not like Battlestar Galactica where, despite an amazing premise, the show was poorly executed.  On the contrary, ‘The Prisoner‘ is easily the greatest TV show I have ever seen.

But with all of that said, I am intrigued by the massive task that A&E has set for itself with the mini-series/remake that is airing this November.  And now, finally, we get a good look at what it’s going to be all about.  Caviezel’s No. 6 appears to be similarly defiant, but without that extraordinarily suave sheen.  The show deals with memories that have been erased, which was not part of the original, and, as Dorothy suggested, the show may venture into ‘Lost’ territory with the questioning of whether any of this is real, blah, blah.

Looking at this lengthy trailer, however, git the hair on the back of my neck standing.  Yes, there are things missing, as stated above.  And there are scenes blatantly copied, like buying the map or riding the taxi.  But look at Rover!!  No longer a beachball with a string attached, he is now a menacing baddy, ready to wreak real havoc to the delight of fans new and old.  And, more importantly, I get a strong sense of the chemistry between Caviezel (trying so hard to look like Christian Bale) and Sir Ian McKellan’s No. 2.  If it works between the two of them, then the whole thing will work.