Afternoon links, retweets and goodies

Start with this beautiful tourist video of our fair city from 1977, courtesy Philebrity:

@AnswerDave is one of the great sports humorists I follow on Twitter.  He and the folks at Big League Stew have found a great animated feature of Doc Ellis’ 1970 no-hitter for the Pirates, supposedly while he was tripping on acid.  There is an online petition urging MLB to find and air a video of the game.  It’s a veritable certainty that the poswers-that-be will not want to glorify Ellis’ claimed drug use, but it is a charming part of Baseball lore.  Here’s the animated feature, which should clearly win an Oscar of some kind:

In the world of F1, Jenson Button will be driving for McLaren next year.  This will be the first time two British champions will be on a British team since Graham Hill and Jim Clark back in 1968 – RULE BRITANNIA!

Here’s two links to Synthtopia that made me smile.

  1. First one is a live Berlin School jam with Moog modulars.  The set-up may not be as big as Tangerine Dream or Kieth Emerson, but it’s still pretty cool how people can pull this off, even in the age of computer synths and sequences.
  2. The second is a beautiful glimpse of Vangelis current virtual orchestra set-up, including great footage of the genius at work.

Here’s an AP article, via The American Blues Blog, that provides information about the birthplace of Robert Johnson.

Last week put up a bunch of artwork by Shusei Nagaoka, who created artwork in the 70’s for Deep Purple, ELO and Star Trek.


Finally, there’s a whole mess of great music available for immediate download over at ParisDJs.  What are you waiting for?

F1 manages not to destroy itself, for the moment


While I’m not clear on all the details, it now seems certain that there will be a 2010 Formula One season.  There had been talk of a two-tiered championship (bad idea), budget caps (prbably a good idea) and a host of technical issues intended to make the sport more cost-effective and efficient.  I don’t know how much of that will be present in the next round.  I was just getting used to the current regs!

One thing I know is that FIA President Max Mosley will not seek another term, which should alleviate some antagonism between teams and sport management.  There has been a long history of bitterness between the teams and the governing body.

What comes next, I don’t know.  And it’s frusturating because the current season has proven to be pretty uncompetitive.  I am now a Red Bull fan and was glad to see their strong victory at the British Grand Prix, but it is still Brawn way ahead of the pack, and Jenson Button will have to have some disaster befall him in order to lose the driver’s trophy.  So, unfortunately, the rest of the season is just going through the motions.  There is no incentive for any of the slow teams (McLaren, BMW, Ferrari) to improve this year’s cars because it seems we’re still waiting to see what next year’s rules will be.